Galleon provides Military and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (MOTS/COTS) system- and board-level embedded computing products primarily aimed at high-speed data acquisition and recording, high density storage and computing. The products are centered around high-bandwidth serial interconnect standards such as PCI Express, 10 Gigabit and Gigabit Ethernet, SATA and Serial-FPDP and are as useful in development as well as deployment. Our products offer the highest levels of performance, innovation and reliability by applying state-of-the-art technology within the framework of well established industry standards. Our main product areas include:

  • HD Video Recorders

  • Mission Data Recorders

  • Rugged Servers

  • NAS - Network Attached Storage

  • Mission Computers

  • Board Level Products (XMC format)


Our products allow our customers to quickly develop and deploy space- and power efficient high-end embedded applications for both benign and harsh environments. Our ruggedized offerings include conduction, convection and air cooled options, as well as characterization for shock, vibration, altitude and humidity.



The Galleon family of rugged, Video Recorders are targeted at  applications where ultra-small size, weight and power are key requirements.


Key features include:

  • Up to 8 HD video channels
  • RAW (uncompressed) recording of 3G-SDI video
  • H.264 Video compression
  • Simultaneous recording and streaming of live video feed
  • Up to 40TB of field swapable Solid State Storage
  • 12V ot 48V DC Input Power
  • Rugged Conduction Cooled and Air Cooled Designs
  • Optional AES 256-bit hardware encryption



Galleon Embedded Computing offers a wide range of SWaP optimized, high performance, Rugged Mission Data Recorders. Despite its very small physical dimensions, the Galleon XSR Mission Data Recorder has superior storage capacity with up to 10TB of solid state media in removable cartridges. Ready to run recorders for multi-channel 40Gigabit and 10Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Video and Serial FPDP are available. Please contact our sales staff for customized recorders for other interfaces such as analog, MIL-STD-1553, etc.

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Galleon Embedded Computings high performance rugged servers are based on the latest generation Intel Core-i7 dual- and quad core processors and chipsets. Even though your computing environment is tough, there is no need to compromise on the performance. Despite its very small physical dimensions, the Galleon Rugged Server is a full featured server platform with up to 10TB of removable solid state storage with optional AES 256-bit hardware encryption.


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The Galleon Rugged NAS offers superior performance in a very small form factor. Up to 10 TB of removable Solid State Storage offers flexible data access, and short ground times for airborne applications. Optional AES 256-bit hardware encryption adds further security for sensitive applications. Industry standard solid state drives are used to benefit from the ever increasing storage densities and cost reductions as the technology evolves.

Utilizing the powerful latest generation Intel™ Core™-i7 processors, the Galleon Rugged NAS is capable of handling a high number of simultaneous connections without compromizing system performance. The system offers up to two 40Gigabit Ethernet ports, eight 10Gigabit ports or thirteen Gigabit Ethernet ports on optical 850nm multi-mode fiber. Gigabit Ethernet is also available on 1000BASE-T copper connections to suit existing infrastructure.

Supporting Linux Server distributions from RedHat, Debian and Suse as well as Microsoft Storage Server and BSD based FreeNAS, local and remote server administration and maintenance is very easy through an intuitive WEB GUI or remote administration features. Most standard file systems are supported, and the server can be easily customized to suit your specific application needs.

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The XSR Mission Computer is a very compact, high performance platform for your processing application. Key features include:


· Ultra small

· Latest generation Intel™ Core™-i7 processor (dual or quad cores)

· XMC/PMC expansion sites

· 5x Intel™ Gigabit Ethernet Controllers

· Rugged Conduction Cooled or Convection Cooled Design


The XSR-MC is designed to meet the most severe environmental conditions without compromising on functionality and performance. Its SWaP optimized design makes it ideal for use in small Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicles, Surveillance, High Definition Video Applications, Sensor Development and Testing, etc. Its flexible design allows for high level of custom integration and application optimization.

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Titan XMC products include 40 Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Serial FPDP interface cards and FPGA processing boards.



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Galleon Embedded Computings highly experienced staff can help you save your projects. With a long history and working experience from the military and aerospace industry, our hardware and software engineers, project managers, and system qualification experts are ready to assist you.

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