Galleon specializes in providing system and board level products with sophisticated packaging and cooling for applications in Aerospace & Defense, Communications, Medical, Industrial, Offshore, Transportation and Research. Main focus is ruggedized solutions for:

  • Demanding sensor data recording

  • Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI)

  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS / UAV)

  • High density removable storage




Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and Defence applications typically require high-bandwidth processing and high-speed/low-latency interconnects. In a Size, Weight and Power(SWaP) optimized solution. In a deployed application, COTS products must be capable of handling extreme environments (temperature, vibration and shock) and offer guaranteed availability over 15 years or more. Typical applications include Radar, Sonar, Flight Test Instrumentation, Electro Optics and Surveillance.


Communication systems often require scalable computing solutions and closely coupled IO to handle multiple high-bandwidth channels in real-time. The need to interface to high speed analog IO and process the datastreams efficiently often dictate the use of FPGA technology. Typical applications include Satellite Comms, 4G base stations and Wireless Networking.


Advanced medical instrumentation such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), High Definition Video, Medical Robotics, Remote Surgery etc. require highly specialized and reliable equipment. Galleon Embedded Computing has long experience in serving these demanding markets and applications.

Industrial, Energy & Offshore

The industrial, energy and offshore markets share the same requirements for extremely high quality, harsh operating environments and long product life support as military, medical and telecom. Galleon Embedded Computing is a leading supplier of rugged solutions for these markets.


The transportation market is characterized by its need for highly integrated systems deployed in very space constrained applications, such as vehicles and infotainment installations. Galleon Embedded Computing's high performance small rugged products are ideal for these demanding applications.